Eindhoven Conference – 23 Nov 2011

Beyond Silos 23rd November 2011, Evoluon Eindhoven NL

The Why and How of ICT in IntegratedCare ServiceProvision-  A European Conference

Unsynchronized social and health care service delivery leads to inefficiencies duplication of resources, reduced levels of quality of care, and in extreme cases to premature death. Older people are particularly affected by this situation.

They often need both types of services, such as support with daily living activities and chronic disease management.ICT has the potential to support integrated service delivery to achieve high quality independent living and wellbeing for older people across Europe and elsewhere. The conference will look beyond today’s care silos at strategies, processes and business models to reach this goal.

\\ ICT in integrated Care: from concept to practice

\\Governance and financing models for integrated eCare services

\\ lmpact assessment

\\ Service models for integrated eCare services

For more information and registration, please visit http://www.beyond-silos.eu


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